Tips for Removing Stains from an Office Carpet

Lots of offices choose to have carpets rather than laminate flooring. Carpets are great for reducing noise, keeping an office warm and sometimes, the aesthetic of a carpet is just preferred.

But of course, it’s much more difficult to keep a carpet clean and with everyday office life taking its toll, you can expect to have a few stains here and there on your carpet. Obviously, keeping your office carpet looking as clean and fresh as can be is paramount to your company brand and how your business is perceived.

With that in mind, here is our guide to removing unsightly stains from an office carpet.

Be proactive

Prevention is always better than cure so being proactive about any spillages is the best way to avoid long lasting stains. Clean up any accidents right away and regular get rid of any loose dirt and other bits, with an industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaner, before they get imbedded in the carpet. By keeping on top of your cleaning routine you’re less likely to have to deal with stubborn stains. Every couple of months, treat your carpet to a steam clean too.

Never underestimate water

It’s clear, it dries pretty quickly and it’s odourless; so why worry about water spillages? We’re all guilty of leaving a water spillage to sort itself out but one of the most common causes of office carpet stains is water damage. If left to soak in, over time, water can cause unsightly patches, ruin the texture and actually change the colour of your carpet. It’s not a pretty sight. Ensure any liquid spillages, even if they’re only water, are soaked up as quickly as possible to stop the liquid soaking deep into the carpet. To tackle water stains you’re going to need to look into industrial carpet cleaner & extractor hire.

Treat every spillage correctly

It might seem a little over the top but you really do need to approach every stain clean up differently. The most effective way to clean up a food or oil stain for example, won’t be the best way to get rid of a toner stain from the printer. Just like you have different kinds of fire extinguishers for tackling different types of fires, there are different cleaning products that will work best for different kinds of spillages and stains. Do your research and now what products are on the market and are available to hire.

Kärcher Hire has a range of industrial cleaning equipment for hire, should you need help tackling some stubborn carpet stains in your office. The option to hire industrial cleaning equipment is a massive money saver and means you don’t have to cover the cost of buying expensive cleaners that you may only use a few times.

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