Cleaning Machine Hire for the Automotive Industry

Our Kärcher industrial cleaning machines are ideal for use in car dealerships, motor workshops and service stations.

Car Showroom Cleaning

A clean environment helps sales, so don’t let your showroom floors let you down and ruin that precious first impression!

The better the shine, the better your sales. Count on Kärcher in order for your showrooms to shine like the cars you sell.

Customers appreciate spotless, gleaming floors, windows and vehicles, shiny paint and that all important “new car smell” everywhere.

Hire our Scrubber Dryers for Quick-Drying, Sparkling Showroom Floors

Kärcher scrubber driers are perfect for bringing a shine to vehicle showroom floors, thoroughly cleaning tile grout lines and leaving floors looking like new.

Kärcher scrubber-driers properly clean high-traffic areas until the tightest corner. To prevent slip hazards Kärcher offers fast-drying cleaning solutions for all floors.

Kärcher Vacuum Cleaners Deliver Fast and Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are up to any kind of dirt. No matter if dry, moist or liquid: Kärcher machines vacuum simply everything and are particularly quiet-running.


Hire our floor sweeper machines to keep car dealership forecourts and paths clear of leaves and litter.


Our HDS range of hot and cold high pressure washers are perfect for flexible washing of all vehicle types. These jet washer units are also perfect for pre-treating stubborn dirt or for wheel rim cleaning.

Vehicle Workshop Cleaning

Man cleaning a car workshop floor

Keep your workshop clean and safe with cleaning machine hire from Kärcher Hire.

For the removal of oily and greasy dirt on large surfaces, we recommend high-pressure washers with additional surface cleaners.

The dirt that accumulates in the repair center is particularly stubborn and greasy, therefore we are able to provide extremely powerful cleaning solutions which provide easy handling and residue-free cleanliness.

Scrubber Dryer Hire for Oil, Grease & Soot

Scrubber driers remove even the most stubborn types of dirt, such as oil, grease, soot or tyre wear from slip-hazardous surfaces – e.g. fine stoneware tiles. Combine with Kärcher tyre & abrasion marks remover to remove tyre marks from motor workshop floors.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Hire

There are specific vacuum cleaners for all requirements of a repair center. The wet/dry vacuums, for example, are great for vacuuming spills, and the industrial vacuums for vacuuming metal shavings. The powerful motors, the automatic filter shaker and the robust drain hose easily master any cleaning tasks.

Petrol Station Cleaning Machines

Modern service stations are no longer solely for purchasing fuel. Today’s service stations are also shops, restaurants and takeaways often visited by night owls and individuals buying flowers at the last minute.

They are frequently visited for vehicle care as well as for buying groceries, and for many individuals have also become a meeting place for morning coffee.

Service station floor sweeper

Today almost every service station has a shop. Many of the shops are as big as small supermarkets and offer an abundant range of products for day-to-day needs – and have a correspondingly high customer frequency.

The office, the storage rooms, the rest area for the staff and in particular the sensitive sanitary areas need to be kept tidy and clean at all times.

Clean these areas efficiently, quickly and economically with our scrubber driers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and cleaning agents.

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