Kärcher Hire

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Product frequently asked questions

How do I off hire my equipment?

It is your responsibility to off hire the equipment when you no longer need it. To avoid aborted journey’s we do not accept auto off hires and you must contact the hire team to obtain an off-hire reference. An off-hire reference will be provided to confirm the off hire and a collection date will be scheduled.

Servicing & repairs frequently asked questions

If there is an issue with the machine during the hire, what should I do?

If there was an issue during the hire you can call our Technical line on +353 1 856 8250 for help and support. If a call out was required, we endeavour to have an engineer on site within 24 hours of the initial call. If the machine cannot be repaired an exchange machine will be delivered within 24 hours. (Excludes Damage, Misuse or Abuse.)

Delivery & collection frequently asked questions

What can I expect upon delivery?

Every machine is delivered by one of our Driver/Demonstrator team on a specialised vehicle. The machine will have been serviced and washed and fully charged for your hire.The Driver/Demonstrator will provide full training for your operative and will ask you to score his training.

How quickly can I expect delivery?

We can normally deliver to your site within 24 hours of receiving your order.