Kärcher Short Term Hire

Hire Industrial Cleaning Equipment from Kärcher Hire. We offer a full industrial cleaning solution to your requirements.

The benefits of cleaning equipment hire

Investing in professional cleaning equipment can completely transform your business. From helping to keep your premises cleaner for longer to boosting productivity, there are countless benefits associated with embracing industrial cleaning tools.

However – the capital cost of purchasing the equipment outright can sometimes be prohibitive! This is where a cleaning equipment hire service can help. With the help of Kärcher Hire, you can gain fast access to the tools you need without burning a hole in your budget.

A flexible and reliable service you can trust

We offer a flexible and reliable hire service on a range of industrial tools. So whether you’re looking for a scrubber dryer to keep your warehouse clean or a mini road sweeper for your car park, we have everything you need.

By hiring equipment rather than buying it, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of products without having to commit to just one tool. You’ll have the flexibility to hire the right machine for as long as you need it.

In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with your cleaning equipment, we will find a solution by sending an engineer or a new piece of equipment to your company within 24 hours.

Maintain your premises and boost your business

With the help of Kärcher Hire, you can maintain your premises with as little hassle as possible. You’ll boost productivity, decrease the amount of time it takes to clean your premises, and improve hygiene standards across your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about our cleaning equipment hire services, please give us a call on +353 1 856 8250.


Hiring professional cleaning machines and equipment in Ireland has never been easier. With Kärcher Hire, you keep complete control of costs, allowing you to pay for cleaning machines as and when you require them, rather than any outright purchase which can involve significant initial outlay.

Kärcher Hire includes a maintenance contract, so any breakdown and servicing call outs are included within the initial cost.

Therefore, not only does your business benefit from the latest cleaning technology, but you also guarantee its continued working throughout your hire period without incurring any additional costs.