Vacuum Cleaner Hire

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When it comes to keeping the carpets within your business clean, a conventional vacuum cleaner isn’t always enough. After all, unlike your carpets at home, those within offices, hotels and schools are likely to go through far more wear on a regular basis. Some carpets may be walked on by hundreds of feet each day.

By keeping your carpets clean, not only can you enhance the appearance of the rooms in question, you can also improve hygiene and maintain standards.

We have a wide selection of Karcher vacuum cleaners ranging from small ones, that are designed for office environments, to large industrial cleaners for the removal of stubborn stains.

If you’re responsible for cleaning a confined or unconventional space such as a cinema, bus or staircase, a Karcher Backpack Vacuum Cleaner could be ideal. You won’t need to plug the cleaner into a socket and you’ll be able to manoeuvre your way around the space with ease.

To learn more about our Karcher Hire’s vacuum cleaner hire services in Ireland, please get in touch with our team today on +353 1 856 8250.