The Things You’d Rather Not Know Were In Your Office Carpet

We’ve previously spoken about the importance of sticking to a commercial carpet cleaning schedule but do you really know what’s hiding underfoot?


These are the things you’d rather not know were in your office carpet but you need to deal with anyway.


General dirt and dust


With the amount of traffic that the average office sees, it’s no surprise that the office carpet will be filled with dirt and dust. Employees who come in everyday, not to mention other visitors such as clients, will inevitably track in dirt from outside on their shoes. Many inner city offices have the added factor of construction work nearby which can cause even more airborne dust which has a tendency to find its way into office buildings.


Solution: Tread mats positioned in doorways can help reduce the tracking in of dirt and dust but it’s essential to do regular vacuuming as part of your cleaning schedule. Using a carpet extractor is also beneficial.    

Mould and Mildew


If carpets are consistently warm and wet, mould and mildew can form within the carpet fibres. Whilst you may not see this, it can spread underneath your carpet and cause other more serious types of bacteria to grow which can be harmful to humans.


Solution: Always clean spillages up as soon as possible, even just water, and when cleaning, ensure the carpet is dry as well as clean.

Food particles


With so many members of staff eating and drinking at their desks, food can easily spill onto the floor. Food is one of the easiest things to track around in shoes too. A lot of food particles are so tiny that they may be missed by the naked eye which can mean they often go unnoticed and can accumulate in carpet fibres.


Solution: Designate special areas for eating and drinking to minimise the distribution of food particles. Focusing deep cleans and vacuuming, as well as using a carpet extractor on these areas will help. However, it’s important to thoroughly clean all of the carpet as food particles can spread easily.


Mites and bugs


Insects, mites, bugs and other creepy crawlies can make their home in your office carpet. Some are harmless but some can cause allergies for humans and can even bite, despite being microscopic, which makes for an uncomfortable working environment.


Solution: Use a suitable cleaning chemical when cleaning your carpet to get rid of any unwanted bugs.

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