How to Use a Carpet Extractor

If you have a carpeted hotel, office building, school or other commercial property, you’ll really see the benefit of a carpet extractor. Any carpet that sees a high amount of traffic is going to, over time, become ingrained and embedded with dirt. No matter how careful you are, or how many hygiene regulations you have in place, some dirt is going to slip through and soil your carpet.

A carpet extractor is an excellent and efficient way of cleaning carpets; using hot water, detergent and combination of a scrubbing brush and suction mechanism to really extract dirt that has deeply soiled the carpet.

So you’ve got your carpet extractor – but you need to know how to use it.

Here are the steps for correctly using your carpet extractor and get the best clean:

1. First remove any furniture from the room that you want to clean such as chairs, tables and desks. Give the carpet a thorough vacuuming before you use the carpet extractor.

2. Fill the clean water tank with the amount of carpet cleaner detergent that is specified in your manual, along with hot water until the tank is full (which is usually the lower of the two tanks that you’ll find in the carpet extractor). You may need to remove the upper tank from your machine to get to the lower tank, depending on your model.

3. Reinstall both the tanks and ensure the lids are on correctly. They should be airtight and will make a clicking sound when they’re repositioned correctly.

4. Adjust your carpet extractor floor nozzles and brush to the correct height for your carpet style. The specifications should be outlined in your user manual.

5. Choose where you want to start your cleaning, ideally it should be in one corner of the room. Plug in the carpet extractor and turn on the solution pump switch and vacuum motor switch. Cleaning solution can be applied by pressing the appropriate button and then you can switch on the powered scrub brush.

6. You can choose to either work backwards or forwards, pulling the machine over the carpet to clean it. You can apply more cleaning solution as you go. You should need to do a single pass to get a thorough clean.

7. Once you have completed the entire area, empty out both of the machine’s tanks, rinse them clean and replace.

8. Wait for the carpet to be dry before you replace furniture or walk upon the carpet. (If the Kärcher BRC 45/45 Carpet Cleaner is placed in the interim mode the carpet can be vacuumed and re-used after around 20 minutes)

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