Tips For Using And Maintaining Your Scrubber Dryer

Once you’ve chosen and received your scrubber dryer, you’ll want to get the very most out of your cleaning machine. All Karcher Hire scrubber dryers are completely reliable and deliver the very best performance but there are certain tips for using and maintaining your scrubber dryer to ensure you get the most out of your machine.


Use The Correct Pads & Brushes

Different pads and brushes work better on different floors and for different cleaning tasks. Ensure your scrubber dryer has the best pads and brushes for you to complete the task at hand. If you don’t have the right equipment you could be spending more time cleaning than necessary, causing your scrubber dryer to deteriorate more quickly than it should.


Take Advantage of a Double Scrub

If you have some really heavy staining, there’s a trick to using your scrubber dryer without having to overuse it. Now our heavy duty scrubber dryers are designed to tackle heavy soiling but some users might not have the time or physical capacity to run the machine for so long. What you do is put plenty of water and chemical down and leave the area to soak for as long as possible. Then, you run your scrubber dryer over the area using just the scrub brushes a few times. Next, you lower the squeegee and run the vacuum to get up all the dirty water. You should now have a clean floor!

Always Use A Suitable Cleaning Chemical

When you hire your scrubber dryer you’ll be informed of the correct cleaning chemical to use in your machine. If you use an unsuitable chemical you could do irreparable internal damage to your cleaning machine – especially the tubes and motor. Most scrubber dryers use liquid based chemicals and the user manual will specify the recommended dilution/strength to use.


Don’t Rush Your Clean

For a great, thorough clean you need to keep a steady slow pace. Rushing through your clean will mean that you get an inferior result and will only have to redo the area. You need to give the scrub brushes, chemicals and pads time to do their job on the floor if you want an effective clean.



Give Your Scrubber Dryer Some TLC

To get the most out of your scrubber dryer you have to give back! Scrubber dryers don’t need a lot of maintenance but the dirty water tank needs to be emptied after each use, the filters need to be cleaned regularly, and the squeegee blades should be checked frequently for any tears and rips. It’s also recommended that you treat your scrubber dryer to an annual service.

Looking for scrubber dryer hire & rental? Contact us at Karcher Hire to discuss your requirements. Our team will be more than happy to recommend the perfect model for your individual needs.

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