How Do Scrubber Dryers Work?

Here at Kärcher, we are industry leaders when it comes to developing innovative floor cleaning equipment like scrubber dryers. Keep reading as we dive into exactly how our scrubber dryers work and why you should consider hiring one for your business.

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What Are Scrubber Dryers?

Scrubber dryers are all-in-one floor cleaning machines that clean as well as dry hard surface floors in one simple process. They work by dispensing a cleaning solution onto the floor, scrubbing it with rotating brush heads, and then immediately vacuuming up the dirty water into a recovery tank. This leaves floors sparkling clean and most importantly, dry and safe to walk on in minutes.

Our commercial scrubber dryers for hire come equipped with specialised features not found in regular floor cleaners. These features allow them to clean floors to a higher standard, more efficiently.

How Do Scrubber Dryers Clean and Dry Floors?

Kärcher scrubber dryers clean floors via an integrated process:

  1. The machine dispenses water and detergent solution stored in the solution tank onto the floor in front of its brush heads.
  2. Spinning cylindrical brush heads then scrub the floor, loosening up stuck-on dirt. Brush pressure can be adjusted based on floor type.
  3. Powerful vacuum slots directly behind the brushes suck up all of the dirty water into an onboard recovery tank, keeping it off the floor.
  4. A squeegee wipes up any remaining water streaks for perfectly dry results.

Our scrubber dryers can be used in scrub only, vacuum only or scrub and vacuum modes depending on the cleaning needs of each area. Multiple brush types are also available for specialised surfaces like wood or grouted tile.

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Kärcher Hire Ireland has a range of scrubber dryers available for both short and long term commercial hire. Experience the benefits first-hand by hiring a scrubber dryer machine for as little as 2 days!

Advanced Safety Features

In addition to cleaning floors better, our scrubber dryers are designed with workplace safety at the forefront. Built-in safety features include:

  • Warning lights and audible alerts
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Sensors that automatically shut off the machine is tilted or lifted

By leaving floors clean and dry, scrubber dryer machines also significantly reduce the risk of expensive slips and falls in commercial spaces. This keeps both your facility and staff safer.

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The Benefits of Scrubber Dryers

Using a scrubber dryer from Kärcher Hire Ireland offers a number of benefits over cleaning floors with a regular mop and bucket:

  1. More efficient cleaning – Our scrubber dryers are up to three times faster than manual cleaning methods.
  2. Use less water and detergent – Scrubber dryers recycle water instead of changing out buckets of dirty water. This cuts back on resources used.
  3. No dirty mop heads – Forget about laundering smelly, soaked mop heads ever again!
  4. Reduced risk of slips and falls – Floors are left clean and bone dry straight after scrubbing.
  5. Adjustable cleaning levels – Scrub strength and vacuuming can be adapted to different surface types and soiling levels.

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Purchasing Vs Hiring Scrubber Dryers in Ireland

When it comes to acquiring a scrubber dryer for your business, you can select a floor scrubber for sale or hire one on a flexible basis. Kärcher Hire Ireland offers both short and long term hire periods to suit every need.

The option that works best depends on your individual situation:

Why Choose Kärcher Hire Ireland?

With over 10 years industry experience, Kärcher Hire Ireland offers reliable floor cleaning equipment backed by exceptional customer service and technical support.

We supply various businesses across Ireland with scrubber dryers customized to handle every cleaning requirement. Our machines are also matched with the most innovative cleaning detergents for unbeatable results.

You can trust our knowledgeable staff to have the perfect scrubber dryer floor cleaning solution ready to go!

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Watch our video on how to use the BD 28/12 C Scrubber Dryer

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