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  • Karcher Hire floor scrubber

    Kärcher Scrubber Drier B 260 R I Bp Pack

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  • Robot scrubber drier karcher KIRA B50

    Kärcher Robot Floor Scrubber Drier KIRA B 50

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  • Kärcher Battery Ride On Scrubber Drier B 110 R B

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  • karcher hire industrial carpet vacuum cleaner

    Kärcher Puzzi 30/4 Spray-Extraction Cleaner

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  • KM 100/120 floor sweeper

    Kärcher Battery Ride On Sweeper KM 100/120 R Bp Pack

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  • Karcher scrubber drier floor cleaner

    Kärcher Pedestrian Scrubber Drier B 50 W BP

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  • karcher hire road sweeper

    Kärcher Road Sweeper MC 250

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  • Puzzi 10/1 carpet cleaner

    Kärcher Spray-Extraction Cleaner Puzzi 10/1

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  • NT 45/1 vacuum cleaner

    Kärcher NT 45/1 Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Kärcher KM 105/110 R with Battery Pack + KSSB

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  • Karcher FR50 hard surface cleaner

    Kärcher FR 50 Hard Surface Cleaner

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  • CV 48/2 professional vaccum cleaner for hire

    Kärcher CV 48/2 Vacuum Cleaner

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Kärcher Hire

At Kärcher Hire success is built upon our friendly and knowledgeable team who are committed to delivering superior high standards of service, training and advice. As recognised Kärcher specialists, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a Next Day Delivery service to many parts of Ireland. So, what else are you waiting for? If you’re interested in joining the many others and becoming part of the Kärcher Hire revolution, make sure you get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today.

We provide a quick and reliable delivery service throughout the country by our own modern fleet of Mercedes Sprinter delivery vehicles. Additionally, we also perform a full demonstration of every machine that we deliver and only leave your site when you and your team are completely happy with the equipment. We even ask your team to score our driver/demonstrator on how well our handover was performed.


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