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Keeping Your Warehouse Floors Sparkling Clean

Operating a busy warehouse means dealing with a lot of dirt, dust, and debris on a daily basis. Keeping your floors clean is essential for efficiency, safety, and professionalism. Utilizing the right cleaning equipment and techniques can make the process much easier. Kärcher Hire Ireland offers top-quality floor care rental equipment to keep your warehouse floors sterile clean.

Scrubbing and Sweeping

One of the brilliant warehouse cleaning solutions is a Kärcher B 90 R compact ride-on scrubber dryer. Equipped with a 90 litre water tank in disc and roller, this machine is ideal for tight spaces within a large area. Thanks to its short and narrow construction, the B 90 R is agile and easy to manoeuvre despite large water tanks.

For medium-sized 3000 to 6000 m² space maintenance, it’s worth taking a look at a scrubber dryer B 150 R Medium . Its compact design and built-in battery allow the machine to reach the most distant corners of the surface. Thanks to interchangeable cleaning heads, an intelligent DOSE detergent dosing unit and an automated tank rinsing system, it`s also easily customized to your needs.

Also, Kärcher built the BR 40/10C scrubber specifically for heavy-duty cleaning in small-to-mid-sized spaces. Its robust construction and intuitive controls allow anyone to achieve professional results, even in trying conditions. Dual counter-rotating brushes provide the scrubbing muscle to lift dirt. At the same time, the combined squeegee system picks up everything in a single pass. Adjust detergent and water flow to match any cleaning challenge without compromising safety or ease of use. An ergonomic handle minimizes strain, while large rear wheels and compact construction allow the BR 40/10C to be easily transported and stored. Operators will appreciate the simplicity and comfort when cleaning multiple locations.

In addition, you can choose a vacuum sweeper depending on the size of your warehouse space. Kärcher vacuum sweeper KM 85/50  is  perfect  for warehouses, small logistic buildings and production halls. A tool-free maintenance, a wide-opening cover and replacement indicators make it convenient for everyday usage as well as rapid space maintenance.

Another brilliant tool for warehouse floor cleaning is an industrial ride-on sweeper from Kärcher. This powerful sweeper efficiently picks up loose dirt, sand, small debris, and more from large warehouse floors. As well as works on multiple surfaces. Models like Kärcher KM 105/110 ride-on floor sweeper clean up to 6300m². The ride-on floor sweeper gets into each corner of the warehouse in a single pass. Thanks to a crescent side brush and a Tact filter cleaning system, it operates at a 4x performance rate. Sweeping regularly prevents scattered materials from getting ground in and helps avoid slip hazards.

As an alternative, Kärcher Hire Ireland offers the Kärcher KM 125/130 Ride-On Battery Sweeper. Configure nozzle width, brush type, dust control, and sweeping path to optimize for a warehouse. Our high-capacity battery enables over 5 hours of continuous operation. Debris collects directly into a large rear hopper, maintaining a clean working environment for operators. Variable suction power targets fine dust as efficiently as bulky debris. The compact 3-wheel chassis and 360-degree steering grips surfaces for tight 45 cm turning. Clean right up to racks, shelves, machinery and more. Optional attachments provide stair-cleaning functionality. Customize an Apex ride-on sweeper the dust-free cleaning your dynamic environments demands. Contact our experts today to build your high-performance cleaning machine.

Karcher warehouse cleaning

Scrubbing and polishing

If you are looking for a compelling large-area scrubbing performer, take a look at a Scrubber drier BR 45/22 C Compact from Kärcher. Its roller brush head pivots 200 degrees in both directions. Enabled by Kärcher’s Advanced Response Technology (KART), it ensures manoeuverability in cluttered areas. With its sizeable 22-inch cleaning path, the machine maintains productivity. The smart positioning of the brushes and squeegees perpendicular to the direction of movement ensures uniform surface coverage. Another benefit is the speedy charging time and up to three times longer than traditional battery life. Check Kärcher BR 45/22 C Bpi page to learn more about it.

An easy-to-maintain, user-friendly scrubber dryer Kärcher BR 35/12 C might be exactly what you need. Powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery, the scrubber dryer features an innovative rotating brush head equipped with Kärcher’s proprietary KART roller brush technology. This allows the machine to easily maneuver into tight spaces and corners during cleaning. Besides, the intuitive steering wheel provides control and responsiveness. While the compact size couples with a zero-turn radius to access extremely narrow areas. In addition, the integrated eco-efficiency mode optimizes battery consumption and sound levels, providing flexible and sustainable operation.

Polish your warehouse floors 30% faster than a traditional high-speed machine with Kärcher BDP 50/1500 C. This compact polishing machine delivers premium floor finishes with a 1500 RPM rotational speed. Moreover, an innovative rotating guard captures dust swirl-free within a 1-litre recyclable filter bag for mess-free operation. Polishing tight corners and narrow spaces poses no problems for this agile cleaner.

Kärcher BDP 43/450 C ADV is ideal for thorough cleaning and polishing of hard and resilient floors. It`s operative-friendly for newbies. Moreover, it`s compact, easy to transport, height adjustable and easy to grip. Powerful 450 rpm high speed for quick and thorough cleaning.


Warehouse cleaning by Karcher scrubber dryer machine

Remember basic cleaning techniques in addition to using equipment. Simple habits like quickly cleaning up spills, removing trash promptly, and doing basic sweeping daily prevent major buildup. Establish cleaning schedules and responsibilities to stay on top of tasks. In addition, use high-quality commercial detergents and cleaning liquids with your professional equipment. It is essential to lift dirt and grease while protecting floors. That is why Kärcher Hire Ireland provides a range of suitable detergents to pair with their rental equipment for optimal results. 

For warehouse floor cleaning, we recommend using Kärcher Floor Cleaner RM69 ASF. This detergent effectively removes oil, grease and mineral soiling from industrial floors without extra effort.

A combination of pro-floor care equipment rental from Kärcher and cleaning best practices will keep your warehouse floors clean, safe, and professional at all times. Contact Kärcher Hire Ireland today on +353 1 856 8250. Find the optimal floor cleaning solutions for your facility.



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