Which Scrubber Dryer Should I Hire?

Subber dryer hire Dublin

If you’re thinking about hiring a scrubber dryer, then first of all, you’re in the right place. Here at Kärcher Hire we have a range of excellent, cost-effective scrubber dryers for you to choose from.

What you’re going to be using the machine for, and how frequently, will determine what kind of scrubber dryer you’ll need to hire. So let’s look at the different options!


Battery powered

One of the benefits of a battery powered scrubber dryer is that you aren’t limited or hindered by cables. If you’ve got to move around a lot to clean, and have numerous floors to tackle, then a battery powered scrubber dryer would be useful and less time consuming than constantly have to unplug and replug your machine as you go. You’re also at the mercy of power points. If a large area only has one power point for you to plug in your scrubber dryer then it means you might not be able to adequately clean the entire space.

Of course, you’ll need to assess the battery life to work out whether you can get the job done with just one charge. And a battery powered scrubber dryer needs to be left to charge for several hours uninterrupted so that’s worth taking into consideration.


Mains powered

If cables are not going to be a problem for you, and there aren’t any limitations to having a cabled machine, then a mains powered scrubber dryer might be the best option for you.

The main benefit of a mains powered scrubber dryer is that they’re cheaper to run and they’re ideal if you need to use the machine for several hours at a time, as you won’t run the risk of running out of battery.



The most popular scrubber dryers are disc type and have a disc machine with a pad holder underneath. They’re popular because of their versatility, as you can change the floor pad depending on the type of floor you’re cleaning. So if you have to clean a space that has many different floor types, you’d want a disc.



Cylindrical scrubber dryers have two roller brushes underneath and are particularly useful for cleaning ingrained dirt out of rough surfaces. If you have heavy soiling and floors that can handle high contact pressure then a cylindrical scrubber dryer would be ideal. Whilst they’re highly effective cleaners, running costs can be quite high as the brushes tend to wear out very quickly.


Ride-on or Walk Behind

Ride-on machines used to be a lot more expensive than walk behind machines but the price gap has lessened significantly over the years with the introduction of the micro ride-ons. And if you’re hiring the machine anyway you’re not going to have to fork out to buy one outright. The only thing you really need to consider is how big your space is. If you have an enormous space and less staff, a ride-on will be your best choice. For smaller spaces where you have more staff it might be best to go for the walk behind. Both types of machines have a running time of around 4 hours.


Have you decided what kind you’ll need for your specific requirements? Now all you need to do is take care of the scrubber dryer hire & rental. Contact us at Kärcher to get your hands on a quality scrubber dryer: +353 (0)87 737 9744 / [email protected]        

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