Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Escalators and the Best Way to Do It

Escalators are found everywhere; from department stores, supermarkets and train stations, to hospitals, hotels and universities, they are a part of our 21st Century landscape.


Why do escalators need cleaning?

Most escalators in the public sphere see a lot of traffic and therefore get a lot of use. This of course means that over time, dirt, debris and all kinds of muck can cover the escalator, as well as getting inside the mechanism.

This can cause all kinds of problems. As well as being unhygienic and unsightly, dirt left to accumulate can stop your escalator from running properly and can even cause unnecessary breakdowns.  A nightmare in a busy hotel, shopping centre, train station or hospital. That’s why it’s essential to regularly clean your escalator.


What challenges do you face when cleaning escalators?

As you would imagine, effectively cleaning an escalator isn’t as easy as cleaning say, a flight of stairs. Traditionally, to ensure a thorough clean, escalators had to be fully taken apart, often step by step, pressure washed and left to dry before they were reassembled.

Naturally, this was an extremely time-consuming process, was costly and meant that the escalator would be out of operation for lengthy periods of time.

Because of the awkward shape and structure of escalators, it’s not feasible to use standard cleaning equipment such as vacuums and mops. And due to the grooves in the escalator steps, they wouldn’t be efficient way to clean anyway.


So what’s the best way to clean an escalator?

Thankfully, there is a solution to the above issues which enables you to clean your escalator in a cost-effective, timely and above all, thorough manner.

The invention of escalator cleaners makes cleaning escalators and fast, simple and effective. For example, the Kärcher BR 47/35 escalator scrubber dryer has been specially developed to perform deep cleaning whilst the escalator is still in motion. This means there’s absolutely no down time involved and doesn’t impact on its usage at all.

High powered, twin contra rotating brushes are able to remove even the most stubborn  bits of dirt and the specially designed spray nozzles allow high performance cleaning agent to coat the brushes. A vacuum then takes away the dirt and grime in one effective step.

To find out more about how our professional escalator cleaners in Ireland can help tackle your escalators; leaving them hygienic and in tip top condition, contact us at Kärcher Hire.

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