Should I Hire or Buy my Industrial Cleaning Equipment?

If you’re trying to decide whether it’s best to buy your industrial cleaning equipment outright, or to hire your machines, it’s a common conundrum for many business owners.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve got some pros to hiring your industrial cleaning equipment that we like to refer to as the three C’s!


Complete flexibility

The great thing about hiring your cleaning equipment is that it gives you increased flexibility with your machines. Buying a machine outright means that once you’ve purchased it, that’s it. However, hiring your industrial cleaning equipment means that if you want to upgrade your machine to either a newer model, or something completely different to fit in with your evolving business needs, you can. If you have bought a scrubber dryer and now need a floor sweeper, you can’t really just swap it. Which means you’ll have to buy another costly machine or sell your existing machine first (which will have decreased in value by this point). Basically, it’s a massive faff once you’ve bought your cleaning equipment and it’s much easier to just hire it instead.


Cost-effective solution

Buying industrial cleaning equipment can be costly. First and foremost the initial cost can be quite high. But any repairs and maintenance that needs to be done on your equipment down the line will also be costly and will have to come out of your own pocket. The value of your cleaning equipment will also depreciate in value over time which means if you ever want to sell your machinery on you’ll be making a loss. By hiring your industrial cleaning equipment, should anything go wrong with your machines, you’ll be able to get them fixed for no extra charge. Maintenance is also routinely included in your hire price so that’s one less thing to worry about. Being able to upgrade or trade in your machine for a new model is also a more cost-effective solution than buying outright.


Convenient access to equipment

By hiring your industrial cleaning equipment, it means you’ll always have access to machinery when you need it. For example, should a mechanical failure occur with one of your machines, someone will come out and either fix the problem there and then, or arrange for a replacement machine for you. This means your downtime will be significantly reduced and less disruption will occur. Having access to your cleaning equipment 24/7 is vital for the running of your business and you may not have this convenient access if you buy your machine outright.


If you’d like to hire industrial cleaning equipment from Kärcher Hire, take a look at our range of machines we have available.

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