Get Your Spring Clean Done Right With Help From Kärcher

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Whilst it’s important to keep on top of your cleaning routine on a regular basis, many commercial building such as schools, hotels, office buildings and shopping centres indulge in a spring clean around this time of year.

Spring is a transitional time when the sun starts to shine again and we start to blow away the cobwebs (figuratively of course and not literally – you shouldn’t have cobwebs in your commercial property!). It’s an invigorating time and so it makes sense to have a deep, thorough cleanse of your building.

And Karcher Hire are here to help.

We have a range of industrial cleaning machines to ensure your building not only looks spick and span, but is in keeping with all health, safety and cleaning regulations relevant to your industry.

Here are some excellent pieces of cleaning equipment that can take care of business for you and are available to hire from us.


The Kärcher BRC 45/45 Carpet Cleaning Machine

For large carpeted areas, the BRC 45/45 Carpet Cleaning Machine cleans deep into the pile to rid your floor of even the most stubborn and ingrained dirt. For a quick turnaround, there is an interim setting which enables you to vacuum your carpet once it’s been cleaned and have it ready for reuse in 20 minutes. Contra rotating roller brushes are used to make this machine so effective.


The Kärcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner

This innovative cleaning machine is perfect for use in locations where strict hygiene standards must be upheld. Because of the design, this steam vacuum cleaner is proficient at killing bacteria and sanitising surfaces in even the most hard to reach areas. If you need to clean in hospitals, restaurants or changing rooms, this is the machine for you.


The Kärcher BDS 43/180C Advanced Single Disc Cleaning and Polishing Machine

Whether you’ve got hardwood or marble floors, the Kärcher BDS 43/180C Advanced Single Disc Cleaning and Polishing Machine will have your surfaces so shiny you’ll be able to see your reflection in them! Great for school assembly halls and gyms, as well as hotel receptions, this cleaning and polishing machine is extremely powerful and versatile, with two control shafts and very good accessibility.


The Kärcher B150 R Ride-on Scrubber Dryer

Perfect for cleaning medium-sized areas between 2,500 and 10,000m, the Kärcher B150 R Ride-on Scrubber Dryer is one of the most effective and efficient pieces of cleaning equipment on the market. Whether you’re cleaning a large warehouse, school or office building, this ride-on scrubber dryer is full of customer-oriented design features and accessories to make cleaning safer, more convenient and more productive for your specific requirements.


If you’re going to be treating your commercial or industrial property to a proper spring clean, hire industrial cleaning equipment from us here at Karcher Hire.

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