Why Every Gym Should Have a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning a gym or pool tiled floor

When we think of gyms we envision people getting fit and making their bodies healthier, and if we go ourselves, we feel better just by being there, however, going to the gym can actually be detrimental to your health – if the gym hasn’t been adequately cleaned.

If gym equipment is not thoroughly wiped down and cleaned after use, bacteria can grow because the moist, warm nature of sweat is the perfect environment for them to multiply. So is gym equipment always cleaned thoroughly? Maybe not as often as you’d like according to Fit Rated’s findings.

Fit Rated conducted a study regarding gym cleanliness and found some pretty horrifying results.

Twenty-seven pieces of equipment across three gyms were analysed and tested for a variety of bacteria strains. Free weights were found to have 362 times more bacteria than toilet seats, treadmills had on average 1,333,432 colony-forming units per square inch and over 70% of all bacteria found was potentially harmful to humans.

You can take a look at the results in more detail thanks to Fit Rated’s handy infographics:


What can gyms do to maintain hygiene standards?

Keeping your gym clean is an essential part of running your business. Regular cleaning and sanitising of individual pieces of equipment should be done, as well as keeping changing rooms and toilets clean and tidy at all times. Ensuring the gym is well ventilated can also help to eliminate odours and keep fresh air flowing throughout the building. And providing hand sanitisers around the gym can help customers do their bit too.

However, one of the best ways to ensure your equipment is thoroughly cleaned is by using a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are great for use in commercial environments because they deliver a superior clean. But that’s not all.


Benefits of using a steam cleaner in your gym


Ease of cleaning

Because of the layout of gyms and the number of individual pieces of equipment they have, you need some element of flexibility and versatility when it comes to your cleaning equipment. Steam cleaners allow you to clean individual pieces of equipment in a time-efficient but completely effective way.


High temperature cleaning

To ensure your gym equipment is free from any bacteria, you need to clean at a high temperature. Steam cleaners operate at a high temperature output which means you don’t have to worry about any germs or bacteria lingering on the equipment.



Cleaning a gym requires a machine that is going to deliver a consistently high performance and any cleaning machine is really going to have it’s work cut out – cleaning an entire gym demands a lot. Steam cleaners have a self-cleaning function which automatically rinses the inside of the tank which prolongs the life of the machine.


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