A Closer Look at the Kärcher SGV 8/5 Steam Cleaner

The brand new Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner really does take all of the effort out of deep cleaning commercial environments. If maintaining high hygiene standards is an inherent part of daily routines, the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner is the machine for the job. Combining the functions and features of wet and dry vacuum cleaners with steam cleaners, this innovative cleaning machine will dramatically increase your cleaning quality whilst simultaneously reducing your cleaning time.

Let’s take a closer look at the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner.


Complete ease of use

One of the main benefits of the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner is how simple and straightforward it is to use. This can completely do away with long training times and means a whole fleet of cleaning staff can be taught how to use it in a short space of time. The control on the handle is, well, handy! It ensures easy and fast handling and is a completely intuitive process for the user.


Easy access to all programs

All the different programs that are available on the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner can be selected individually from the EASY operation panel depending on your application needs, and the ergonomic push handle makes it super easy to operate once the program setting has been chosen.


Portable and versatile

Because the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner has such large wheels, it can go anywhere and clean anywhere – even tackling stairs. This portable nature makes the steam cleaner incredibly versatile and means you don’t have to switch machine to clean different areas. There’s no hygiene hurdle the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner can’t overcome.



A cleaning machine that cleans itself? That’s the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner. The self-cleaning function automatically rinses the inside of the steam vacuum cleaner after each use which helps to prolong the life of the machine – meaning you won’t have to replace or upgrade your steam cleaner before it’s necessary.


Fast filling water tanks

All the tanks within the Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner are readily accessible and can be quickly filled and emptied to decrease cleaning times. The tanks that hold fresh water and detergent can be easily removed, carried and filled/emptied with no fuss and the same can be said about the dirty water tank.



The Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner comes with high-quality accessories that are integrated directly in or on the machine. The location of the accessories are well organised so that each one is always within reach and the accessories basket makes it easy for users to remove and clean. Keeping them all in one place also helps to protect against loss. Ventilation slots in the cover allow the accessories to completely dry after which also helps to protect them against dirt and degradation.


To find out more about Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner hire, contact us at Karcher Hire.

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