The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning kitchen food preparation area

Thorough Clean

First and foremost a steam cleaner is a great way to ensure your floors have a thorough, deep clean. This is particularly beneficial in commercial environments that see a lot of traffic and need to be kept to a high standard of cleanliness. A steam cleaner gives floors a thorough deep cleaning, getting the germs and dirt that a mop or vacuum clean will have missed in the past.


Environmentally Friendly

Cleaning with a steam cleaner requires heat and steam power and nothing else. No chemicals, no detergents. With no harmful and synthetic components, a steam cleaner is better for the environment. Additionally, there’s no need to dispose of any unused chemicals or any packaging which can be harmful to the environment.


Steam cleaners simply require tap water and one litre of water creates enough steam to clean for around 20 minutes – so not a lot of water is needed. Steam cleaners do not require much energy consumption as electricity is only needed to heat the water up initially which again is a benefit to the environment – and your energy bills.


Allergy Free

As steam cleaners only use water, they’re perfect for those who suffer from allergies as no residue is left behind. This is important in commercial environments as so many people could be affected. Allergy UK state that around 44% of adults in the UK suffer from at least one type of allergy so it’s a safe bet to try and keep the potential for reactions down. Additionally, because steam cleaners provide such a deep clean, they can help pick up nasty bacteria, dust particles and mites that could cause allergies in themselves.


Can Be Used In Any Environment

As we’ve previously mentioned, steam cleaners do not require the use of chemicals. This makes them useable in any commercial sector, such as in schools, playgroups or nurseries where small children may be likely to come into contact with any chemical cleaning equipment used on the floor. No residue is left behind when using a steam cleaner making it safe for young children and babies.

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