Why a Clean Workplace is Good for Business

Kärcher Hire
April 10, 2018

Apart from the obvious hygiene reasons, there are many reasons why a clean workplace is good for business.


Creating a positive first impression

First impressions count in any business. Whether you’re an office welcoming clients, a hotel welcoming guests or a restaurant welcoming diners, an untidy and unclean environment is not really much of a welcome at all. It can be hard to shake a negative first impression, and in industries such as food and drink, and leisure and hospitality it can be extremely difficult to get customers to return once they’ve had a bad experience – especially if it’s their first.

A clean and tidy work environment instills confidence in the service or product that is being offered and creates an impression that the business has an air of efficiency and strong attention to detail.


Happier and more productive employees

Study after study confirms that a clean and tidy work environment makes for happier and more productive employees. Recently, a study by the Staples Corporation found that 94% of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace, and 77% said they felt they produced a higher quality of work in a cleaner environment. If that’s not an incentive to get out the vacuum cleaner we don’t know what is.

Additionally, office environments are breeding grounds for bacteria with desks, keyboards and carpets harbouring all kinds of nasty stuff. The UK’s biggest survey into sickness absence rates in the UK found that on average, 6.5 days was lost per employee, per year, due to ill health at work. By keeping the office cleaner, you can reduce the amount of germs and in turn, reduce the amount of days off sick.


Health and safety

Slips, trips and falls are still the highest cause of injury in the workplace according to the most recent HSE statistics, making up 29% of all non-fatal injuries to employees during 2016/17. Maintaining clean, dry floors is essential for the prevention of slips and falls in the workplace and will ensure you’re adhering to health and safety regulations; creating a safe environment for your employees.

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