What can you clean with a power washer?

Kärcher Hire
January 18, 2018

A power washer is a great commercial cleaning tool – mostly because of its versatility. A lot of cleaning tools are built for a particular purpose and with a specific cleaning use. For example, a carpet extractor or an escalator cleaner. However, a power washer can be used to clean a multitude of different things.

Here we take you through 8 of the best uses of a power washer.


Driveways and garage floors

A power washer is an excellent way to clean commercial driveways and garage floors. Whether you own a garage or just want to keep the outside of your business premises looking presentable, a power washer is a great tool to have in your cleaning arsenal. With just a quick clean you can transform your driveway or garage floor making it more presentable to customers.

Concrete/tile patios

Restaurants, pubs or bars that have outdoor patios can benefit greatly from a power washer. As food and drink gets dropped or spilled on the patio it can can stain the concrete or tile patio, even when regular cleaning take s place. A power washer has the capabilities to eradicate tough food and grease stains.

Front entrance stairs and walkways

First impressions count which is why it’s important for commercial properties to ensure their front entrance stairs and walkways are always presentable. A power washer can be a great tool with keeping on top of that. Curb appeal is often associated with homeowners but it can be applied to commercial properties too.

Wooden decking

Wooden decking is a beautiful addition to an outdoor area for restaurants and bars.  However, over time, mildew can start to form which not only looks unsightly but can also be a hazard for customers. A really efficient way to get rid of mildew is with a power washer.

Brick exteriors

You don’t often notice how dirty the exterior of a brick building is until you give it a good power wash. The difference after you’ve cleaned it will be amazing. You can even wash the windows providing you stand a good distance away.


Fences can look absolutely wonderful when clean, but when they’re left to get grotty can really bring down their surroundings. It can be extremely time-consuming to painstakingly wash a fence by hand which is why a power washer comes in incredibly useful.


Any type of vehicle, from cars and trucks to boats and bikes can be cleaned with the aid of a power washer. The difficulty often associated with cleaning awkward vehicles is overcome by the versatility of a pressure washer.


Outdoor furniture

Cleaning outdoor furniture can be a chore but not with a power washer. Tables and chairs can be easily and simply cleaned without it taking up too much time. It’s especially helpful for commercial businesses that have a lot of outdoor furniture such as bars and restaurants.


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