Mini Road Sweeper Hire

Powerful and effective yet economical and quiet, our Mini Road Sweepers are ideal for cleaning a variety of outdoor surfaces. So whether you’re responsible for ensuring a car park is kept free from dirt and litter or it’s your job to keep public pathways looking their best, the Mini Road Sweeper is ideal for you.

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Our mini road sweepers are well known for their low running costs, powerful performance and ease of use. Some have the potential to be converted into lawn mowers during the summer months and a snow plough during winter.

This versatility is what makes our mini road sweeper hire service so popular.

Mini road sweepers are perfect for cleaning a variety of outdoor environments and are used in a range of sectors. Whether it’s for a large outdoor car park, a town centre or the surroundings of a commercial property, a mini road sweeper is the optimum cleaning machine.

Our mini road sweeper is adept at handling a range of outdoor environments and even has a climbing ability. Crucially, the engine exceeds the criteria of the Stage 111a emissions standard for those who are environmentally conscious.

The great thing about a mini road sweeper is that it can be used all year round. The manoeuvrable wheel drive is easy to use and provides an optimal grip even when the environment is wet and slippery. You can count on a mini road sweeper to get the job done, whatever the weather.

We provide businesses with a service they can count on. If necessary, we can offer training upon delivery of the mini road sweeper, ensuring your team have the knowledge to use the tools effectively. Knowing how to use the mini road sweeper means you’re less likely to run into any issues with the machine. This means less downtime and more usage for you and your business. A great benefit of a mini road sweeper is the simple-to-use controls which means not much operator training is often needed.

We also offer a fast and reliable repair and replacement service. If you experience any issues with your mini road sweeper during your contract, simply give us a call and we’ll help to resolve the problem as soon as possible. This may be coming out to complete a repair on-site or getting a replacement machine with you as quickly as possible.

Our flexible and affordable hire contracts are suitable for any sized business and mean you can hire a mini road sweeper for the length of time that suits you. You can also upgrade/amend your contract when you come to the end of your term.

Hiring a mini road sweeper is a much more financially economical decision than buying a machine outright as the needs of your business can change quite rapidly.

To find out more information about mini road sweeper hire in Ireland, please get in touch with our team on +353 1 856 8250.