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Everything you need to know about Sweeper hire in the cleaning industry blog from Kärcher Hire, the experts in Sweeper hire across Ireland.

From pedestrian sweepers for those hard to reach areas to ride on sweepers for paths and car parks, we have sweepers covered. We short term or contract hire Kärcher professional sweepers to help you maintain a pleasant and hygienic environment for your employees, without the overheads of machine purchase.

Keep your floors clean and beautifully presented with our industry leading sweepers for short or long term hire.

October 12, 2020

Cleaning Sports Stadiums / Football Stadiums

As you will appreciate, stadium attendees pay quite a bit for tickets for an event, it is therefore in the venue’s interest to give customers a clean, pleasant and safe space so they will want to come back. Not only is it the actual visitors who will see if your event space is not clean […]

November 20, 2017

How Floor Sweepers Can Help Your Business In Autumn

Autumn is well underway and not only is it absolutely freezing outside, the streets are paved with beautiful autumnal leaves. Although these leaves may create a lovely seasonal feel, they can actually cause problems for your business. From cluttering the outside of your building to increasing the likelihood of accidents, leaves can do more harm […]

October 18, 2017

How Hiring An Industrial Sweeper Can Transform Your Business

Considering hiring an industrial sweeper for your business cleaning needs? Here are 5 reasons that’s a fantastic idea.   Increased Productivity Not only do industrial sweepers clean more thoroughly in a shorter amount of time, because they are so easy to operate, time doesn’t have to be spent training employees to use the cleaning equipment. […]