Which Detergent for a Scrubber Dryer?

Kärcher Hire
October 05, 2020

Get the Most Out of Your Kärcher Scrubber Dryer Hire by Using Tailored Detergents


If you’ve decided to hire a scrubber dryer to improve cleaning and hygiene standards across your premises, it’s crucial that you team this with the right cleaning agent for the job in hand. Our Kärcher cleaning agents are designed to achieve exceptional results and each one is specially formulated to give a particular type of surface an extensive clean.


We’re proud of the excellent results that our scrubber dryers achieve in keeping warehouses, shopping centres, gym floors, etc clean.  Our professional cleaning machines have been saving businesses both time and money for years as well and helping ensure the users of your space have a pleasant environment to be.


Get the Best Results From Your Hire.


In order for our professional ‘scrubber dryer’ equipment to get the very best results, our machines need to be complemented with the right cleaning  consumables. The reality is that unless you pair a scrubber dryer with the correct professional Kärcher cleaning products for your job, your machine isn’t going to reach its full potential.

Now let us take a look at our cleaning agent range along with their associated intended application, so you understand what is available:


Our Cleaning Agent Range:

For Heavily Soiled Floors, Use: RM 69

This is a powerful basic cleaner designed for use with a scrubber dryer especially for heavily soiled floors on industrial premises. Unlike traditional cleaning products you might find in supermarkets, it’s effective in dissolving heavy oil, grease and mineral stains.


For Glossy/Waxy Residues, Use: RM 752

This consumable is a powerful asset to the Scrubber Dryer. It’s excellent for stripping glossy, waxy and polymer coatings. It’s particularly suitable for industrial floors.


For Water Resistant Hard Floors, Use: RM 756

The RM 756 is an ideal cleaner for everyday use on water-resistant hard floors. You’ll be particularly impressed by its ability to remove dirt and stains from resilient flooring that usually resists traditional cleaners.


For Gyms and Multi-Purpose Halls, Use: RM 780

The RM 780 is a powerful cleaning and care agent for cleaning all water-resistant and resilient floors and coverings. It’s especially effective when used in gyms and multi-purpose halls.


For Intensive Cleaning of Heavily Soiled Floors, Use: RM 750

The RM 750 is an intensive basic cleaner designed for use with a scrubber dryer, to be used on floor coverings that are heavily soiled.


For Stone Cleaning, Use: RM 753

The RM 753 is a powerful basic cleaner for heavily soiled fine stone tiles. If you need to dissolve oil, grease and mineral stains, this consumable is sure to do the job when teamed with the correct scrubber dryer.


For Tyre and Abrasion Marks, Use: RM 776

Unlike other consumables that need to be poured into an industrial cleaning tool, the RM 776 is a cleaner that needs to be applied directly to the floor. It’s ideal for the removal of tyre an abrasion marks.


Our Scrubber Dryer Range

From saving you time to improving standards across your business, ‘scrubber dryers’ matched with the right cleaning agent can have an array of benefits.

Kärcher Hire have a large range of scrubber dryer machines, one of which is likely to serve your need.

To learn more about professional cleaning equipment and to find out about our hire service, please get in touch with our friendly knowledgeable team.

Our range includes the following scrubber dryer machines: