Cleaning Sports Stadiums / Football Stadiums

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October 12, 2020

As you will appreciate, stadium attendees pay quite a bit for tickets for an event, it is therefore in the venue’s interest to give customers a clean, pleasant and safe space so they will want to come back. Not only is it the actual visitors who will see if your event space is not clean – most of your visitors will have camera phone and Facebook accounts where an unclean venue can be on the web in seconds. In addition, if your event is being televised this potential issue is magnified.

In this article we take a look at the task of stadium cleaning and recommend our best machines for the job.


Although your cleaning crew will be up to the challenge, having the right machine for the job can make their lives easier and get the cleaning done quicker.  Not only can you make their lives easier by renting our professional and reasonably priced cleaning equipment, you can have the cleaning job completed in a more effective/efficient manner.  This means your area is ready to go for the next event quicker so it can be earning you revenue form the next event.

When you run an event, you hope to attract very large numbers of people as this means ticket sales and revenue, however, these big groups of attendees can result in a very large mess that needs to be addressed ahead of the next event.


Cleaning a stadium after an event is, we know a major project and a challenge as it is imperative to ensure you maintain good cleanliness and hygiene standards.  By maintaining a stadium as a clean and pleasant place to visit will maintain your reputation and help towards a good customer experience.  By maintaining this quality level of cleanliness, you will not only not loose repeat custom but the attendees when discussing the event with friends will no doubt comment on the venue and how nice it was.  This has the potential to bring new customers in.


In order to achieve this level of cleaning not only will you need a professional cleaning crew, but they will need to be equipped with the right tools.  Here at Clean Sweep Hire we appreciate the different challenges large foot fall stadium events bring.


One of the challenges we very much appreciate is the bathroom areas at your venue.  They will be extremely busy throughout your events.  Your bathroom areas are therefore hot spots for:


  • Germs to build up and be spread
  • Bacteria to build up and be spread


As a consequence of this you will need to have strict janitorial schedules of checking and replenishing of user items such as toilet role.  As you will be aware unclean bathrooms are a big turn off for repeat custom.  However, it is mainly post the event where the equipment from Clean Sweep Hire will be of most benefit to you not only for your bathroom areas but for your whole stadium.



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