Why It’s Important to Service Your Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Kärcher Hire
April 12, 2018

As well as providing high quality, industrial cleaning equipment, we also provide a high quality maintenance and repair service. Like our hire terms, our servicing contracts are flexible to suit your individual requirements.

We know how vital it is that when you hire your cleaning equipment from us that you get the most out of it. We want you it to be in full working condition from the moment you start your hire term, to the moment it ends. Machine downtime can be frustrating and costly for any business which is why our servicing contracts are designed to ensure your equipment stays running.

Regular servicing of your machine improves its lifespan and reliability. Of course, machines being machines, they can breakdown. But part of our maintenance and repair service is having our specialist team on hand for prompt call outs to have your machine up and running as soon as possible.


What kinds of things does our maintenance and repair service cover?

Replacement brushes

Our scrubber dryers and road sweepers are designed for commercial use and so they are very robust and long lasting. However, over time, the brushes on these machines will become worn and will need replacing to achieve optimum cleaning standards. Here at Karcher, we can fit replacement brushes as part of your servicing contract.

Replacement of faulty parts

Should you have any problems with any part of your cleaning equipment, a member of our specialist team will come out to assess the machine and we can replace any faulty parts if necessary.


On-site blockage removal

When cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners or carpet extractors, are used in commercial and industrial settings, blockages can occur simply due to the nature and scale of the work that is being done. If this does happen we can remove the blockages for you, often on-site, and advise the best way to reduce the chance of it reoccurring.

General maintenance and health checks

Preventing a breakdown is always better than carrying out a repair – that’s the way we think anyway! So to help avoid any issues with your machines we carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure your machines are in full working order. By doing routine health checks we can reduce the risks of repairs and replacements becoming necessary. When you hire industrial cleaning equipment from us you really do get a full service.

We are working hard to deliver essential cleaning equipment to key public & private clients across the country

We are adhering to hygiene & social distancing measures and ask that clients respect the guidelines issued when dealing with our staff.