Supplement your cleaning equipment hire with cleaning detergents

Kärcher Hire
April 09, 2018

Here at Karcher, we’re just as proud of our industrial cleaning detergents as we are our industrial cleaning equipment. Take a look at the reasons you should supplement your hire with our cleaning detergents.


Efficient and economical formulas

We use only the very best materials to create our cleaning products. This enables clients to use less to do more – saving money in the long-run!

Material-compatible formulas

Our detergents are made with corrosion protection components and other special additives that are specially formulated for use in Karcher cleaning equipment. They not only help to give you the best clean possible, but are also gentle on the machine.


Thermally stable up to 150°C

Karcher cleaning agents are specially formulated for use in high-pressure cleaners and remain stable up to temperatures of 150°C.

Continuous development and improvement
All of our detergents are developed on an ongoing basis to ensure we’re continuously improving their cleaning performance. Additionally, we always aim to shorten contact times and provide formulas that are even more eco-friendly.


Eco-friendly in ever sense

We avoid using unnecessary solvents and other environmentally harmful substances such as heavy metals. This is not only beneficial for the environment but for the operators of the machine. We also make our detergents highly concentrated to reduce the amount of packaging needed and reduce the amount of waste produced.

Food safe

A lot of our industrial cleaning agents are of food-grade quality and so are perfectly suitable for use in food production areas.

No chemical odour

Unlike other types of industrial cleaning detergents, our cleaning agents do not have the unpleasant chemical odour. They contain fragrances such as lemon oil to get rid of unwanted odours and to leave a clean, fresh smell.

Made for Karcher equipment

All of our cleaning detergents are made specifically for Karcher equipment. This reduces the chance of breakdown or any errors occuring. It also means you only have one contact for assistance and advice.


Take a look at our cleaning detergents.

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