How Hiring An Industrial Sweeper Can Transform Your Business

Kärcher Hire
October 18, 2017

Considering hiring an industrial sweeper for your business cleaning needs? Here are 5 reasons that’s a fantastic idea.


Increased Productivity

Not only do industrial sweepers clean more thoroughly in a shorter amount of time, because they are so easy to operate, time doesn’t have to be spent training employees to use the cleaning equipment. The control panels are completely user-friendly which means they can be easily operated by anyone.


Low Maintenance Costs

Some may be put off by the initial cost of purchasing an industrial sweeper however hiring the machine can work out much more cost-effective. Additionally, because of the thorough clean it provides and the durability of the machine, they help save on maintenance costs in the long run. Hiring a machine also means should anything go wrong, the costs of repair or replacement will be covered for you.


Excellent Cleaning

No matter what environment they’re being used in, industrial sweepers always deliver excellent cleans. Industrial sweepers have powerful engines meaning even the toughest, most ingrained dirt and grime can be removed with ease. Whether it’s in a factory, a warehouse, a school or even outside, you’ll get a superior and long-lasting clean.


Low-risk Machine

Industrial sweepers do not come with any inherent risks associated with them. This means there’s no need for lengthy risk assessments and your machine will adhere to all relevant health and safety regulations provided it is used in the right way.


Reliable and Durable

Industrial sweepers are incredibly robust cleaning machines and can be used for frequent cleaning without becoming susceptible to wear and tear. The long lifespan of these machines make them a great investment and can give you quality cleans time and time again.

If you’re considering industrial floor sweeper hire take a look at the range of cleaning machines we have here at Karcher. See how an industrial sweeper can transform your business!