Benefits Of Using A Commercial Pressure Washer

Kärcher Hire
October 24, 2017

When most people think of pressure washers they imagine people giving their home decking a really good clean, but pressure washers actually hold huge benefits for businesses and we’re here to tell you why it’s worth adding at least one machine to your cleaning arsenal.


A Much Better Clean

No doubt you will have seen a whole range of videos highlighting the powerful clean you get from a pressure washer and the results really speak for themselves. However, the science behind the results is worth talking about too! Heat is critical in cleaning. Every

10°C increase in temperature doubles the reaction speed of chemical reactions which is what needs to happen in order for dirt particles to be broken down. With pressure washers being able to reach water temperatures of 155°C you can imagine the quality of your clean. The combination of mineral-free steam and pressure within the pressure washer gets rid of even the most ingrained, stubborn dirt for a high cleaning performance.


Improved Hygiene

Using hot water in commercial cleaning is significantly more hygienic which is essential in a variety of different commercial locations such as hospitals, hotels, schools and food and drink establishments just to name a few. Additionally, this improved hygiene is achieved without the aid of disinfectants and other detergents.


Quicker Clean Time

Not only does increasing the temperature improve the clean quality, it also speeds it up.

Higher water temperatures can reduce cleaning times by up to 35%. When a surface is heated it also dries more quickly which means operations can start back up again fairly soon after cleaning takes place.


Diverse Applications

Pressure washers really are all round cleaning machines. They can be used in such a diverse range of commercial settings which is why we believe they should be part of every business’ cleaning fleet. Pressure washers can be used to clean vehicles, floors, buildings, machinery, statues and a whole host of other items across a range of sectors.


No Need For Detergents

As previously mentioned, pressure washers do not need detergents adding to the clean whilst still maintaining high hygiene standards. A variety of different materials, such as grease, dirt and oil can be removed by just using the pressure washer. This not only saves on overall cleaning costs but is beneficial to the environment too.

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