4 reasons you should consider using a floor polishing machine

Kärcher Hire
September 14, 2017

Some building management companies view floor polishing as an unnecessary part of their cleaning and maintenance routine. Sure, hotels and gyms might incorporate polishing into their cleaning schedule to get a super polished surface, but there are actually many practical and commercial benefits to introducing a floor polishing machine into your cleaning routine if you’re any other kind of commercial or industrial business. Here are 4 reasons you should consider using a floor polishing machine.



Maintaining a hardwood floor is actually more cost-effective than say a carpeted floor. Carpets become heavily soiled over time and it’s much harder to clean up any spillages when they happen. Carpets lose their volume, their colour and sometimes even become patchy –  which looks unsightly. Rather than having to re-carpet your floor every few years to keep it looking pristine, why not get a hardwood surface and hire a polishing machine? Hiring floor polishers is extremely affordable and your floors will only need polishing infrequently to save you even more money.



If you don’t have a hardwood floor, you can still use a floor polishing machine to make your floor shine. They can be used on hard floors, concrete floors and other wooden floors to buff and shine away until they’re sparkling! Whether you have an office with a large, hardwood floor that need a little polish or a shop floor that sees high foot traffic, you can use a floor polishing machine to ensure it always looks its best.


Your floors will be easier to clean

Polished floors tend to get less stained and damaged than unpolished surfaces and when they do need cleaning, it’s much easier to do so. This is because dirt, moisture and soiling finds it much easier to penetrate polished surfaces than those that have been untreated. So by polishing your floor, you’re making it much easier to clean and prolonging its shelf life.



Floor polishing machines are very straightforward to use which means training staff to use them is easy, cheap and time-efficient. Unlike other kind of floor treatments, which come with more health and safety guidelines, almost anyone can use a floor polishing machine with much less training than if you were using chemicals or solvents.

A floor polishing machine also allows you to polish only the parts that you want to. Which means you don’t have to remove any furniture or items from your space like you do when you wax your floor.

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