Even Michelin Star Restaurants Have Trouble With Hygiene

Kärcher Hire
April 10, 2017

The news is regularly filled with horror stories about dirty takeaways and one-star hygiene reviews and we tend to associate this kind of thing with budget restaurants and smaller establishments. However, it seems even Michelin Star restaurants have some trouble with hygiene from time to time.

The only Michelin-starred restaurant in Coventry recently received a one star hygiene rating following an inspection on behalf of the Food Standards Agency. This means that major improvements are necessary.


Issues surrounded:

Ice being stored under the U-bend of a sink

Vacuum packaging raw food

Untrained chefs in food hygiene


The management of food safety was also criticised, which included the systems of checks in place to ensure all food on the premises is safe and all staff are aware of food safety practices.


Why is food hygiene important?

Keeping in line with strict hygiene codes and practices is something every single eatery has to do – whether they’re a small local takeaway or an upmarket restaurant. An establishment that serves food to the public has a duty of care to ensure the food they serve doesn’t harm those that eat it.

Food regulations set by the Food Standards Agency cover all aspects of food handling including preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage.

When food hygiene standards are not adhered to, it’s easy for food poisoning to occur such as Salmonella, as food becomes contaminated.


Keeping your restaurant clean

Depending on your establishment you might find that hiring professional cleaning equipment is useful is keeping your place up to code. If you’d like to hire industrial cleaning equipment from Karcher, we have a range of machines that can help you adhere to food hygiene practices; machines such as steam cleaners, cleaning and polishing machines and professional vacuum cleaners.

We are working hard to deliver essential cleaning equipment to key public & private clients across the country

We are adhering to hygiene & social distancing measures and ask that clients respect the guidelines issued when dealing with our staff.